Useful Information

Yes, only if you rent a specific 4x4 camper that are allowed to go on these highland roads. In Iceland, these tough terrain areas are marked with an “F” because they are F-roads; indicating that only 4x4 vehicles are allowed.

We are extremely picky on who we partner up with for additional services. We’ve been lucky to continue working with an extremely reliable 24 hour service. If for any reason you have an accident of your vehicle does not start, please contact the service and us in order to provide you with a relief vehicle.

Depending on where you travel, you’ll see more or less ice. During the warmer months only the glaciers are still icy. However, you must always be on the lookout and expect icy conditions (especially from October through May), and lost animals wandering the roadside, winds that pick up suddenly, flat tires, road debris and cold weather in general.

Iceland is absolutely gorgeous during the winter. However, your campervan or motorhome will need to be outfitted with special studded tires during the months of October through May. This is for your safety since many of the nature roads will have ice or snow still on them throughout this period.

Iceland has great drinking water that comes straight from glacier sources. Drink as much as you can, and make sure to take bottles or containers with you on your trip. Stay hydrated!

It’s no secret that during the Spring and Summer seasons, wildlife come alive! They tend to wander off into the roadside or wooded areas so just be vigilant and drive safely. Usually there are posted signs indicating what type of wildlife is nearby. Some “usual suspects” that you will encounter are minks, foxes, mice and reindeer (but not as common.) As long as you maintain a respectful distance, you should be fine! And don’t feed any animal!

Most, if not all of our vehicles are new and stocked with the most advanced heating equipment in the market. We can assure that you will be very comfortable and warm while resting. A tip though, is to make sure you close all windows and doors beforehand while the heating is running to trap the warmness in. Sleep tight!

Iceland has a wide scope of different types of supermarkets, local stores and shops that carry most of what you are used to having in your native country. There are two well known chains that carry tons of camping equipment where you can find pieces that you might need for your trip. Their names are Kronan and Costco & Bonus. So no need to bring unnecessary items from home.

As anywhere else, Iceland has its peak seasons for travelers. Depending on the season some make or models may not be available. Try and book as much as you can in advance in order to curtail lowering your full options of products that we have to offer.

To ensure your chosen campervan and all the accessories that you have chosen within your time on our site, we ask for a deposit of the total rental. During the checkout process you’ll see the total amount needed to paid for as a deposit. This will allow our staff in the background to reserve your selections and prepare them for your exciting arrival. Once you have reached our customer desk for pick up, you’ll be prompted to pay the remaining balance on your rental.

In order to work with a myriad of different worldwide customers, we have specifically chosen to partner up with Visa, JCB, Mastercard, Diners club, CUP and American Express. The state of the art payment web portal Borgun ( is embedded in our site and helps you securely pay online.

We always recommend you park your vehicle in a registered campsite when you want to rest overnight. Some of these campsites even have showers and pools. Since this network of camping sites are a great resource you might want to check out the 28 day pass they have to offer where you can use over 41 sites nationwide. That way you don’t have to limit yourself to only the fancier ones. You can pick and choose worry free while on your journey through wild and wonderful Iceland! As a note, we also recommend you use these facilities to remove any trash or recycling you may have and highly suggest you only park overnight at this designated areas.