Clarity is our thing. We always want to be up front with any costs to products or services we offer. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of options on the internet and we are wholeheartedly committed to offering the most honest and superb series of products to our customers. With this said, you can bank on the fact that all prices have a 24% VAT tax incorporated within the total rental price. Additionally, GPS is offered as standard to most of our vehicle as long as it is written in the brief descriptions.

As you could understand, our fleet of vehicles are new or newer and in high demand. Making a deposit allows us to set your selections aside and prepare them for you in a timely fashion. Additional towels, kitchen sets, or any other extras we offer online can also be purchased with a credit card. We also keep your credit card on file just in case you accrue parking or traffic fines and damages to your rental or other people’s vehicle or property. Although you’ll be insured, in our policy you will see a security deposit that’s required.

We do this so you can have a hassle free travel experience and you can leave any worries or responsibilities behind.