Top Things to Do in Iceland

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Iceland is a specific country I could say. There are many natural wonders that can be seen here. You can find here a field of lava that is strewn about, lack of trees and lots of birds. Iceland is a wonderful place and a dream of every traveler. It is still Europe yet it is a completely different world. The lovers of nature and strong wind can say it is their paradise. When getting started to plan your trip, the most important thing is to get an idea of what you are going to see. Everything? I can say that right now, unless you go not move here to live, it is impossible. That is why it is essential you chose the best places according to your delight and preferences. In this article we will point out top things to do in Iceland. 

1. Golden Circle

Each country has its must see places. Iceland’s classis is with no doubt, Golden Circle which is roughly 300km of the route starting and ending in Reykjavik. There are many trips that will take you around.  Your first stop should take place in Þingvellir National Park. Its name is associated with the first parliament which gathered here in 930. Next you should probably head off to Gullfoss –the golden waterfall. It contains two cascades of 32 meters high. Numbers speak for themselves, this is a real power of nature. To stand there and hear the sound of falling water is a definitely a quite an experience! Next stop in our tour of Top things to do in Iceland are geysers. Actually the entire Haukadalur Valley is the third stop on the Golden Circle. It is a very active geothermal area where you can find about 40 hot springs, boilers with boiling mud, craters and the greatest attraction which are geysers. 

2. Glymur

This is the highest waterfall in Iceland. That is the reason it appears on our Top Things to do in Iceland list. Unlike others in Iceland it is not easily accessible and cannot be seen from the road. You should rather book your whole day for seeing Glymur.   The route to get there is long and you can find it difficult but the view is definitely worth it. After the rain it might be a bit slippery so I recommend you to do it when the weather is in favor. 

3. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a geothermal bath located few kilometers from Grindavik and less then 50 kilometers from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. It combines remarkable landscapes features- the contrast between blue and milk water with clack and brown lava cover and exceptional care and therapeutic properties. You should definitely put it on your top things to do in Iceland list. As a curio, I will tell you that National Geographic located Blue Lagoon on their list of 25 wonders of world. 

4. Landmannalaugar

I believe Landmannalaugar is the most beautiful and exceptional area of Iceland. It is area of mountains in the south of Iceland and east of the Hekla volcano. You can see here colorful mountains built of rhyolite, moss-covered lava fields and picturesque valleys. Its charm have hot springs where you can take a dip. The unusual and delicate vegetation only adds even more charm to this place.  

5. Husavik

Husavik is well-known from the whale watching tours and this is the main reason why I put is on my list of top things to do in Iceland. It will definitely be one of the best excursions you could ever experience. At the beginning it might be a bit rough as the weather gets worse along with getting further on the see. However, the moment you see the first whale, orca or dolphins, you will forget about your wet clothes and pinching from the wind ears. 

These are only few of many points that should get on the Top things to do in Iceland list. Iceland has much more to show. This island will charm you with its gratitude and uniqueness to that point, that straight after returning from your trip, you will start planning to return. And you will do, with doubled curiosity and desire to get to know this beautiful country and its habitants.